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Print and Websites

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

It has been a busy fall so far. A couple new websites and more in the works. Sweet Perspectives the newest site, chocked-full of great information and the services Cynthia Mitchell offers from both her education and personal experiences. Cynthia is a writer, educator and motivator working from Minden, Ontario. Her website is complete with a Blog she adds to on a regular basis which is a great read for a new perspective on life and also gives one an idea of how talented Cynthia Mitchell is with words and her “sweet perspective” on life. visit Cynthia’s site at

Crystal Image Studio recently completed a re-branding of The Terrace Inn, just outside the village of Wilberforce, Ontario. It started with a revamped logo which gave them some new and updated colours and imagery. We have completed business cards, rack cards and some signage which is now truly representational of the cottage resort. It is a quaint, sweet little cottage resort offering super cottage rental rates. The Ore family has invested a lot into making it the perfect place for entire families including a new playground this year and a Games room for adults in the works. Looking for a cottage to rent in Highlands East? Check out their website

In print - Crystal Image Studio is busy preparing White Pine Shores Resort for the upcoming Snowmobile Show in Toronto in a couple of weeks with rack cards and various posters and display items. In addition South Algonquin Cookhouse has just received their rack cards promoting their Thanksgiving 2013 menu watch for yours in the mail. They are also now booking Christmas Parties get your reservation for company party or group celebration in early to ensure a great date.

Keep the print and websites coming - no one is suppose to have this much fun working!!
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Everything Fitz New CD / DVD Release

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

CD 2013
A long-time dedicated and wonderful client, Everything Fitz has just released their CD/DVD with special guest Nate Douglas. Watch for a concert near you this fall or visit their website

Includes: 1. Strathspey/Reels
2. Jigslip
3. Isn’t She Lovely
4. Lake Dore Waltz
5. Big Mon
6. Stirling Set
7. Come To Me
8. Noble
9. Danny Boy
10. Fiddle Medley
11. Things
12. Just in Time
13. Fiddle Patch
14. Alabama Jubilee
15. Gwanwitcha
16. America The Beautiful
17. Orange Blossom Special
18. Old Time Jamboree
19. Encore: Maple Sugar

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Trackable, Clean QR Codes

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Today there are many things you can do with QR codes from taking the smart-device user who scans it to your website, facebook site to calling your number or viewing a video - the ideas are endless for their uses. In addition to all of that there are also many methods of creating the codes and here are some tips and tricks.

It is a fact that is the code contains a lot of information there are more parts to it and the more pieces there are the more difficult it is to scan. These two codes are to the same website and are both Trackable - the creator can track how many times they are scanned in what country. The 2nd one will scan much faster on all devices and is the best way to create a QR. Crystal Image calls these cleaner codes KIST-QRcodes - (Keep It Simple & Trackable).

qr codes

The simple code can still be customized with graphics, parts of your logo or other items and colour.

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A Little Donating for a Big, Great Cause

Friday, March 1st, 2013


Keeping kids active and having fun is an important factor in this high technology, low energy-spend world we have created. Any kids hockey is close to my heart but Smiths Falls, my hometown is especially - as that is where my nieces and nephews play. My nieces’ Girls hockey team amazes me both on the ice and off, hence when they make an ask for design work, I do what I can and donate it.

For a recent press release the Association needed a professional look to make a big announcement. So, Crystal Image Studio came through with a logo to carry their already established identitiy.
Friday, March 29, the Smiths Falls Girls Hockey Association is teaming up with Smiths Falls, Ontario to play host to a matchup between Team Finland and Team Czech Republic at the Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre. It is a 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Womens pre-competition game and will face off at 7pm.
CIS proudly designed and donated the SFGHA logo. the Newspaper online announcement

Be sure to support this effort buy your tickets to the game!

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In Praise of Wolves by R.D. Lawrence NOW AVAILABLE

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

In the spring of 1983, R.D. Lawrence, celebrated author and naturalist, along with his wife Sharon left their Ontario home for the town of Ishpeming in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, there to observe a captive pack of untamed wolves. The object was to compare their behavior to behavior he had observed in free wild wolves as well as in the two wolf pups he himself had reared.

The result is In Praise of Wolves, a work that distills the knowledge gained during more than thirty years of observation of wild and captive wolf packs by a skilled and sensitive field naturalist who dedicated himself to the study and understanding of wolves. Though anecdotal and personal, its information on wolf behavior is scientifically sound and its insights startle. Rich in fascinating detail, full of challenging speculation, In Praise of Wolves demolishes old myths and makes for absorbing reading.

Sharon Lawrence, a retired educator, painter, textile artist, photographer and writer has added an afterword which outlines and updates the Lawrences’ work at Wolf Hollow, their private sanctuary in Haliburton Ontario. For more than twenty years, they raised and released injured and orphaned wildlife, including eleven wolves. R.D. and Sharon also assisted in moving the Ishpeming pack to the Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve in 1993 to begin the Haliburton Wolf Centre, a place that welcomes 30,000 visitors each year.

In Praise of Wolves has been updated and re-published by Sharon Lawrence, widow of Ronald Douglas Lawrence. Lawrence was a field biologist, journalist, naturalist, a superb storyteller and an award winning author of thirty books published internationally. He worked on four continents and explored, researched and studied the flora and fauna of Canada for more than 40 years.

Award winning painter, David Alexander Risk has created the book cover artwork, which is also available as a 8 ½’’x 11’’ signed, limited edition print.

Book $16.95 Book and print $35.00 Limited edition print $20.00

Available from the following: Sharon Lawrence 705-286-6276

RD Lawrence book In Praise of Wolves

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

The 2012 version of this great read is the third re-released book published by Sharon Lawrence and designed by Crystal Image Studio.

The process for re-publication starts with capturing the text. When the book was originally published it was not on computer. Re-typing the entire book or scanning and performing OCR (Optical Character Reading) are the two options. Scanning and OCR is much faster and more efficient, especially for create souls, like myself who despise typing. But this process must be followed by careful proofing to ensure paragraph returns, spelling and grammar have all been captured properly. It is by no means a perfect process, any mark on the scanned page can result in additional letters, sometimes the software seems to have its own story to tell. It can easily read “t” in certain fonts as “r”, “I” as a number “1″ and many other tricks too numerous to mention. Although spell check was performed on the entire book, Sharon did a great job, very patiently reading over and over to catch any gliches. Many of these types of errors become their own new words and are then undetectable by the spell check process.

Once the text is ready, the easy part for me begins. . . Design. In Praise of Wolves follows the design previously set by Crystal Image Studio for The Ghost Walker and Secret Go The Wolves, the books re-published just before it. The layout is tweaked to suit new content such as chapter starts and incorporating photographs. Each page is checked for orphaned lines and to ensure there is a pleasing look and flow to every single page.

David Alexander Risk created a stunning illustration and we worked together designing a beautiful cover to compliment his amazing work of art.

The book, In Praise of Wolves will be available for sale very soon along with Limited Edition, signed prints of the cover illustration at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Centre, their stores, or visit
In Praise of Wolves by RD Lawrence

I am very proud to be part of these amazing works of art.
Yes Dad, you will get your copy soon! My Dad is one of RD’s biggest fans.

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At the Highlanders Lounge/Bar

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Visitors and residents alike of Haliburton area will love the new events at The Pinestone Resort.

Thursday features Chicken Wings and Beer.

Fridays are fun all around with Mexican Fiesta Night featuring the food & drink of the land on through the weekend with Karaoke and ending Sunday with a Tailgate Party.
Come enjoy the relaxed, fun place to be in The Highlands!!

October Custom Calendar Special

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Custom TOP QUALITY 13 Month Flip Calendar with your Logo,
Canadian Holidays just provide your own photos
and make it your own. 11″ wide x 17″ high when open
(24pg. + cover style)
LOW QUANTITY 100 - $10. each + shipping & tax
or 500 only $4.90 each + shipping & tax or call 705-448-9397

Bancroft Discovery Guide 2013

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Crystal Image Studio has started the design of the 2013 Bancroft Discovery Guide and it is going to be refreshed and improved over previous editions. The large format allows space for us to provide some cool interactive features never seen in the guide before. … but for now it is still a secret!!
Be sure if you are a Bancroft or Area business to sign up to advertise in this valuable tourism product - I assure you it will be exciting and well worth it!
to ensure your place in the publication contact Angela @

Logo Design by Crystal Image Studio

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Many companies and organizations use a logo to represent their image. The uniqueness and recognizability of a logo becomes a very important element. The logo is what helps customers remember the company or product, and is quite often what brings them back. Your logo can be one of the strongest marketing tools, the one consistent image that consumers become familiar with, and that provides clarity to consumers and suppliers as to what the brand or product is. An effective logo is one that can be easily differentiated from other logos, and easily recognized due to unique typography, shape or symbols and distinctive colouring.
Logo design from Crystal Image Studio can also include the design of a custom QR code. The QR code can direct smartphone users to your website, offer your phone number and address or a mulitude of other functions. In addition to being effective, any QR code can also be attractive and most importantly recognizable.

Tamarack Lodge & Cottage Resort and Jenn Morrow, DVM are two of the latest logo designs created by Crystal Image Studio.